Light and color are constantly in a state of change; they continually transition from one state to another. People and places are also in constant flux. Internally, externally: everything is in motion, all the time, and light and color create meaning for it all. They are all we see, and while both are unpredictable, they provide a hedonistic pleasure and awareness. Light and color evoke sensations so personal it informs all my work with its own reflexive vocabulary.  I seek to document transitions, illuminated by light and color, and illustrate a temporal intimacy that is both wistful and remote.

For me, reality has always been far more curious when compared to something created by the imagination. The eccentricity and mystery lures me into being an observer. What’s most interesting is when images that slightly eclipse reality but do not challenge what is real.

The human condition is quickly associated with words such as suffering, despair or misery. But life is made up of just as much joy, celebration, and ritual. I am an observational photographer, a voyeur, often a nosey outcast. People in a similar existential state peek my interest. Without a camera, I am nothing more than a bystander. With a camera, I am able to participate in other people’s lives.