I was taught photography at the age of 7, primarily through my Father and playing around with disposable film cameras. Through the years I saw photography as a stop gap, something to help with my childhood obsession with loss. If I could capture the perfect photo of something I would have it forever. As I grew, I became enamored with the art, seeing a beautiful composition out in ordinary life became so gratifying.

My aim is to capture emotion in fleeting moments, so as to connect with the subject I am shooting and thus provide the viewers of my images with that connection as well. I have traveled to many cities in the world to shoot Street Photography besides Los Angeles including New York, Tokyo, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Paris, London and Mexico City. I shoot primarily with the Ricoh GR.

I strive every time I go out and shoot to do more than the clichés, more than the shadow play, more than the geometry. I am pushing myself to see deeper and capture the nexus of the emotional and technically perfect moment in my photos.