Maureen Bond is a fine art photographer born and raised in Los Angeles, California and still calls it home. Having spent 15 years in Higher Education, Maureen missed the non-profit world and is currently the Executive Director of the Community Center of La Cañada Flintridge.

By day her works keeps her challenged, and by night her creativity emerges from shooting the streets of Los Angeles and searching for abandoned decaying confines. Her photos feature coincidental, accidental and unexpected connections. Her favorite place to photograph the nocturnal world in the desert under the full moon.


The street is my stage and people are the actors but they are first and foremost people. My images are open to interpretation. People lead complex lives and deserve more than a random flash in the face. I tell stories with my camera.

Photographs capture something different for each viewer. There is a spiritual and emotional impact being out on the streets as if I’m trying to look at myself or finding my way. There is something so genuine and unique about the moment of time as my finger presses the shutter.

In my street photography, I don’t always have to capture the extraordinary things in life. Often at times I find the ordinary and the bland can be the most interesting. At the end of a day, out on the streets I take very ordinary situations and create very powerful pictures out of almost nothing. I believe in loving what I do. And I do. With all my heart.