I received my first camera, a state-of-the-art Brownie Starflash, when I was in second grade, at Johnson Street Elementary School in Dublin, GA, and fell in love with “making pictures.” My first foray into street photography, candid shots up the skirts of my girlfriends as they climbed on the jungle gym or swung mid-air on the swings at recess, would be cut short by the school principal, who was not amused, but I persevered. After a misspent youth toying with various Instamatics, a Polaroid or two, more point-and-shoots than I can count, (and a brief affair with an ancient Graflex Speed Graphic in college), I eventually earned an MA in Journalism from the University of Alabama, and moved to California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.  Throughout my 30+ years career as a freelance documentary/reality television producer, my passion for still photography remains strong, and I look forward to further sharpening my observational skill and talent in the LACP Street Collective.


Street photography brings the art of observation to life. I use it to close the gap between what I can see and what I can show. Its immediacy poses challenges beyond those of landscape and portraiture, and I find meeting these challenges most rewarding.