Ali LeRoi was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois during the turbulent 60s, a time that gave birth to black activism and empowerment movements that resonate perhaps even more today than when they were birthed. With a love for photography that began in his fascination at the photo journalism in Life Magazine, as well as the culturally significant editorial and street imagery found in the iconic periodicals Ebony and Jet Magazine, Ali has found inspiration for his street images in the black diaspora, and in the depictions of African Americans in particular, as full human beings, with complex narratives, as members of families, people with desires, men women and children with hopes and dreams and experiences that extend beyond an all too familiar framing of the black life as pain. In these images are representations of the black family, broken yet thriving, in search of a ground zero, a place to call home, a perspective from which these lives might be gazed upon as ones that in the truest since of the word, matter. This work is an attempt to know these people, so that we might all see a bit of ourselves.